Your Councillors & Clerk

The Parish has 11 Councillors.  All Councillors serve a four year term, and are normally elected in a single election. The next next election is in May 2023.  If a vacancy occurs during the four years it can be filled either by a by-election if there is more than one candidate and 10 electors demand a poll, or by co-option. Co-option is where one or more candidates put their name forward to the council. If there is more than one person standing for co-option then a secret ballot is held by existing councillors.  Councillors give their time voluntarily and do not get paid a salary or expenses.

The Parish Council is supported by a Parish Clerk who services Council meetings and carries out instructions of the Council made at each meeting. The Clerk also has responsibility for maintaining the Council’s finances including a Cash Book, checking invoices, preparing cheques for payment and reconciling monthly bank statements.

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer


Councillor Jez Scoles


Councillor Jane Murphy

Councillor Chris Howell

Councillor Rosalie Monbiot

Councillor Jayne Marshall

Councillor Cindy Stimpson

Councillor Rachel Campbell-Gray

Councillor Nick Fryer

Councillor Bryan Lynn

Councillor Joy Burt

Publication of Councillor’s Register of Interests on Town and Parish Council Websites

The Localism Act 2011 Section 29 Paragraph 7 requires that: “A parish council must, if it has a website, secure that its register is published on its website”.  View our register here.

Borough Councillor

Councillor Sam SandellCouncillor Sam Sandell (Conservative)

Member of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk for Burnham Ward

Folly House,
9 Church Street,
North Creake,
NR21 9JN

Mobile: 07823556402



County Councillor

Councillor Andrew Jamieson

Member of Norfolk County Council for North Coast Division



Member of Parliament

Henry Bellingham MPSir Henry Bellingham MP (Conservative)

North West Norfolk

Greyfriars Chambers
31A St James Street
King’s Lynn
PE30 5DJ

01553 773023



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