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'Humble Pie', Burnham MarketBurnham Market Parish Council has a number of established policies and procedures that include:

Standing Orders

The Parish Council produces Standing Orders to govern the business and procedures of the Council.

Some of the Standing Orders are compulsory as they are laid down in Acts of Parliament. These are printed in bold type. These Standing Orders cannot be altered. In this respect if the words “Local Councils” are used, it means Parish and Town Councils in England and Community and Town Councils in Wales.

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

The Parish Council produces financial regulations to govern the financial transactions of the Council, which includes, audit procedures, the budget, banking arrangements, authorisation of payments and instructions for the making of payments.

Financial Regulations

Parish Council Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment is designed to assess all the financial risks the Parish Council is exposed to and identify any actions it considers necessary to minimise those risks. The table available below attempts to identify the risks involved and recommends the necessary actions.

Risk Assessment

Council Code of Conduct

The Localism Act 2011 made fundamental changes to the system of regulation of standards of conduct for elected and co-opted councillors.

As part of these new arrangements, the Act requires Councils – including Parish Councils – to adopt a new Code of Conduct. The code, when viewed as a whole, must be consistent with the seven principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

The code must also contain provisions in relation to new statutory requirements for the registration and disclosure of pecuniary and other interests. The code, once adopted by the Council, must be publicised locally.

Burnham Market Parish Council adopted the new Code of Conduct at its meeting on the 20th August, 2012. The text of the code is the same as that adopted by King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council and which all Parish Councils in the district are being invited to adopt.

View the Members’ Code of Conduct

Click here for information about how to make a complaint.

Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act (“the Act”) it is the duty of every public authority to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme.


Model Publication Scheme for Local Councils

The Freedom of Information Act allows any member of the public to easily access information about the parish and how it operates. Full details of the scheme and a list of the information you may access together with any relevant charges are listed below. Information you require which is not published on this website may be obtained from the Parish Clerk and a small charge will be made for this service.

The Classes of information

Local councils vary in the functions that they perform. The model scheme recognises this. It therefore identifies six core classes of information which it is anticipated will cover the core functions that are carried out by all local councils. The core classes covering these functions contain a list of document types that all local councils adopting the scheme will be obliged to publish. However even within these core functions different local councils may have developed different levels of responsibility. In order to reflect this some of the core classes contain optional material. This provides the local council with the opportunity to expand the range of information made available under the core classes by selecting the appropriate optional material.

Burnham Market Parish Council

Burnham Parish Council will publish information in accordance with the Model Publication Scheme. As new information is produced which falls within a class, it will be prepared for publication and made available.

Excluded throughout the model scheme is general correspondence sent or received by councils and all information relating to private individuals by virtue of it being personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998.

In certain classes a limitation on the age of some documents has also been stipulated. For the avoidance of doubt this does not mean information beyond that date cannot be obtained, it simply indicates that it is not available as a matter of course within the model publication scheme.

Format in which information is provided

A hard copy is available on request from the clerk to the council, or the information will be made available for inspection as described in section 3 of the model scheme. Where available the parish council will publish the information on their website. However, even where this option is available, hard copies will be made available if requested.

Burnham Market Parish Council Publication Scheme

Parish Plan

A Parish Plan is a comprehensive plan which gives people living in villages a way of deciding for themselves how they would like their village to develop. It identifies issues of concern that the people within the parish feel are important to them based on information gained from surveys, research and consultation with residents.

Preparing a Parish Plan involved consultation with every person in Burnham Market to find out what they wanted for the Parish. The resulting Parish Plan provided a description of the desires of the people of Burnham Market. It contained a detailed, prioritised action plan, stating what was to be done and by whom to achieve the desires of the Parish.

A copy of the Burnham Market Parish Plan is available by clicking here.

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