Our Responsibilities and Functions

Parish Councils have a wide range of powers but only use those which are relevant to their local community.

The Parish Council is also consulted about, and provides local views on, a wide range of other issues that affect the village. Where possible, information about such issues will be on the web-site in our News section so that you can let us have your views.


Minutes and Agendas

The Parish Council maintains and updates one official Parish Council Noticeboard, which is located opposite the Post Office in the Market Place. The agenda and minutes are available three to five days prior to the next Parish Council meeting. On completion of our new noticeboard, there will be space available for all community notices.

The Burnhams Newsletter

The Parish Council submits an article monthly to The Burnhams Newsletter. The same article is available on the website, within the News section.


The Parish Council maintains and updates a web site of information relevant to the working of the Parish Council.


The finances of local councils are governed by the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 (as amended) and this means that each year we have to publish our accounts which need to be presented to our External Auditor by the 14th July following the end of the Financial Year which is on 31st March. We also have to have a comprehensive budget and precepting process which we undertake at our January Parish Council Meeting. The precept is the amount of money we request King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council to collect on our behalf to run our Council.


Each year the Parish Council allocates a donation to both the Burnham Market Community Car Scheme and the Village Hall. A small amount of funding is considered for other local worthwhile causes.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council is consulted by King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council on all planning applications falling within the Parish of Burnham Market.

It is the responsibility of the Parish Council to consider all applications received and make any objective comments regarding the application, whether to support, oppose or, if it so feels, make no comment on the application.

If you have any queries regarding any planning application, please contact the Parish Clerk.

If you would like to view recent planning applications in Burnham Market, click here to visit the King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Councils planning website. You can find applications by entering the planning reference number (if known) or by selecting Burnham Market as the parish in the application details section.

Current major planning applications

For ease of reference, use the following links to access information on King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Councils planning website about current major planning applications in Burnham Market:

Planning Application: 13/01810/FM

Construction of 32 new dwellings, the provision of a public car park (186 spaces), retail units (Class A1, A2 or A3), public toilets and public open space and proposed pedestrian works and the demolition of the former day care centre and replacement with dwelling (previously approved under planning reference 10/01582/F)

Street Lighting

The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the majority of street lights in the village and also pays the electricity bill for the lighting. A small proportion of the street lighting is the responsibility of either Freebridge Community Housing or the County Council.

How to report a lighting problem

If you need to report an issue with a light in your area, whether it is not coming on or staying on during the day please use one of the contact methods below. Repairs are normally carried out within 10 days of notification to the repair company.

Every street lamp is numbered on the post, if you can provide this when reporting a problem it does help speed up the process.

Information required:


The Parish Council has limited direct responsibility for maintenance of highways, including footpaths/pavements. Our main role is to work with Norfolk County Council Highways Department to help maintain the roads and footpaths in our Parish by reporting any problems that might arise in the village. We can do that with your help if you report any problems to our Clerk.

The main highway problems that may arise in the village are:


It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that footpaths are not obstructed by plants, bushes and trees.


There are parking restrictions in some parts of the village. More generally, it is illegal to park partially or wholly on a footpath and causes problems for people with pushchairs, wheelchair users and the elderly using walking aids. It is dangerous to park in places which cause an obstruction, for example on or near a road junction. Please let the Clerk know if you are aware of a persistent problem which may require specific action.


For a hole to be a pothole, it must be a minimum of 2 inches (5cm) deep. It is the responsibility of Norfolk Council to deal with potholes. If the pothole is considered dangerous they aim to fill it within 24 hours. In other cases the size and location of the pothole may mean that it is not necessary to fill it immediately. Please report any potholes to the Clerk or if you prefer, you can report problems direct to Norfolk County Council.


Please report any signposts that are obscured or damaged.


Burst water mains can be reported direct to Anglian Water or phoning 0800 771 881 (24 hour service). If you are aware of any other flooding of the highway, for example after a sudden storm, please inform the Clerk.


We are responsible for two allotment sites within Burnham Market, at Creake Road and Angles Lane. Please visit Allotments for more information.

Open Spaces

The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining a number of opens spaces within the village:

All open spaces are maintained bi-monthly between April and October and cleared of litter when necessary. The Play Area has a range of play equipment with rubberised safety surfaces.

Playing Field/Play Area

At the corner of Creake Road and Station Road


the War Memorial in the Market PlaceThis open space is inspected and cleared of litter regularly. The area has a range of play equipment with rubberised safety surfaces. The play equipment is regularly inspected and a Annual Play Area Safety Inspection is carried out by a professional body in the Autumn of each year. The playing field is contained by hedging and the Parish Council respectfully asks that no dogs are taken on to and exercised in this area.

War Memorial

The Parish Council are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the War Memorial in the Market Place.

The Borough Council

The Borough Council deal with such things as waste collections; coastal strategy; planning; benefits and also the collections of the rate. The Borough Council is situated at Kings Court, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 1EX and they can be contacted on 01553 616200 or by emailing contact@west-norfolk.gov.uk.

The County Council

The County Council deals with such things as highways and transportation, waste disposal, education, libraries, social services and fire and rescue services and they are based at County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich. They can be contacted on 0344 800 8020 or by emailing information@norfolk.gov.uk.

Member of Parliament

Our MP is Mr Henry Bellingham. To contact Mr Bellingham please telephone 0207 219 8234, email bellinghamh@parliament.uk or write to House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Burnham Market, Norfolk

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